IAC Company is a private Bulgarian company founded in 1990. Our company is a full-spectrum supplier of lab equipment for a wide range of laboratories in the following fields:

- Food and Beverage Industries;
- Agriculture, Grain and Animal Food Industries;
- Environmental Control – air, water, soil;
- Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries;
- Gas and Petroleum Industries;
- Bio-diesel and Bio-ethanol;
- Construction Industry.

IAC Company is an authorized representative and distributor of many internationally respected manufacturers of laboratory equipment.

Our company has a long-term experience in engineering, marketing, selling and servicing quality control instruments and laboratory equipment. We have also experience in turn-key projects for laboratories in above mentioned fields.
Keeping strong connections with our business partners we are all the time open to start working in new fields of the measuring and control equipment.

IAC provides full metrological and methodological support to our customers in order to fulfill their high requirements for the GLP and GMP.

Our customers are very well-known and established Bulgarian companies who completely rely on the high quality of our equipment and service.

IAC competent staff includes engineers in different fields such as electronics, process control, automation and electrical engineering.

Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the best possible level of service, trying to solve their problems rapidly and effectively, supplying the most reliable products.

IAC motto is "Quality of service where quality counts".

Our overriding goal is to become partners of our customers. 

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